Top 10 Most Prestigious Medical Centers in the World (2016)

The world is full of excellent medical centers all competing to make the newest medical discovery, perform the latest procedure and be a top-performing hospital with the best reputation. These renowned medical centers model excellent clinical practice and dedicated patient care that you just can’t find anywhere. Out of all the prestigious medical centers in the world, these 10 lead the way:

  1. Texas Medical Center: The Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, is the largest of its kind. Not only does the TMC have one of the highest volumes of clinical facilities for patient care, basic science and research, but it also has two medical schools, four nursing schools and other specialized institutions. The internationally renowned University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is located in the TMC and continually ranks as the No. 1 cancer care hospital in the nation. Patients from all around the world come to the TMC to receive world-class health care from the best doctors around.
  2. Parkway Health Care: Parkway Health Care, located in Singapore, is a world-class health care provider whose16 hospitals span across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The Singapore medical center has three hospitals with one more under development. Experienced and bright physicians, nurses and scientists make Parkway Health Care a model for patient care and clinical research in Asia and around the world. Parkway also provides a wide variety of specialty care in neuroscience, oncology, cardiology, cellular therapy and many other complex fields of medicine.
  3. Bumrungrad Medical Center: Bumrungrad International Hospital, located in Bangkok, Thailand, is the largest private hospital in Southeast Asia. The prestigious medical center is internationally accredited and has been recognized for its specialty hospitals that offer top-notch care. More than one million patients from all walks of life come to Bumrungrad every year, and a good portion of them are international patients.
  4. American Hospital of Paris: The American Hospital of Paris continues to receive top marks as one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world. It was created in 1906 by a group of Americans living in Paris, who wanted to provide American-trained and English-spoken medical care to other Americans living there. The United States Congress recognized the hospital in 1913, which granted it federal status. Since then, the hospital has grown in size and status in the medical community. The American Hospital of Paris offers superior patient care and continues to be at the forefront of medical research and development.
  5. Mayo Clinic: Mayo Clinic, Saint Marys Hospital and Rochester Methodist Hospital make up the largest integrated medical center in the world, which is the one of the best of its kind. The medical center is located in Rochester, Minnesota, and sees more than 350,000 patients each year. Patients can find just about any medical and surgical specialty here, including its top-ranked departments of pulmonology, orthopedics, kidney disorders and diabetes and endocrinology. Mayo Clinic’s brilliant staff of physicians, nurses, scientists and students makes this one of the most prestigious medical centers in the world, and a model of excellence in patient care, research and medical education.
  6. The London Clinic: The London Clinic is the largest independently owned nonprofit hospital in the United Kingdom and one of the best medical centers in the world. This fully equipped hospital is led by some of the best and brightest physicians, nurses and scientists around. They are experienced and trained to treat a wide range of medical conditions and conduct complex surgical procedures, using state-of-the-art endoscopy tools and robotics. In addition to innovative medical research and procedures, The London Clinic is focused on providing the best individualized patient care possible.
  7. Centro Medico ABC: The ABC Medical Center is a private, not-for-profit institution in Mexico City that’s committed to providing high-quality patient care and educational training in the field of medicine. This prestigious medical center is one of the leading health care systems in Mexico and Latin America. ABC has four specialized medical centers: Neurological, cancer, transplants and nutrition, obesity and metabolic center. Not only does the hospital provide excellent medical care in a wide variety of specialties, but it also has one of the best medical institutions for training future health professionals.
  8. Klinik Hirslanden: Klinik Hirslanden is the principal hospital of the Hirslanden healthcare group in Zurich, Switzerland. The leading private healthcare group in Switzerland is also one of the best medical centers in the world. The medical center is comprised of 13 hospitals and specialized departments that are fully equipped to treat a range of medical conditions. Klinik Hirslanden’s state-of-the-art facilities and modern architecture truly embody the prestige of this excellent medical center.
  9. Matilda Medical Centre: The Matilda Medical Centre is a prestigious medical facility located atop Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. This leading name in medicine has a terrific reputation for providing excellent patient care and meeting high clinical and educational standards. The Matilda Medical Centre has a wide range of medical departments, surgical care centers and health assessment services. State-of-the-art equipment, advanced medical procedures and top-notch doctors, nurses and scientists truly make Matilda Medical Centre a model of excellence for the entire medical community.
  10. The Prince of Wales Hospital: The Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH) is Sydney’s major teaching hospital that serves hundreds of thousands of patients yearly. POWH is the recipient of several research grants and is the only Phase I research facility in the Southern Hemisphere. This medical center has about 440 beds and more than 90 percent of them are occupied throughout the year. The brilliant 3,000-person staff handles a wide range of medical conditions inside the hospital and outside through rural outreach services.

Top ten US hospitals in 2011 – 2012

Best Hospitals

  1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
  2. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
  3. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
  4. Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland
  5. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles
  6. New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, N.Y.
  7. UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco
  8. Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston
  9. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C.
  10. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

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Best Hospitals by Speciality


  • University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Houston, TX
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. New York, NY
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD


  • Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland, OH
  • Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD


  • Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN
  • Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD


  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD
  • Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA
  • UPMC-University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Pittsburgh, PA


  • Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN
  • Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland, OH
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD


  • Mount Sinai Medical Center. New York, NY
  • Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Los Angeles, CA
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD


  • Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Boston, MA


  • Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN
  • Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland, OH
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD


  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD
  • Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN
  • Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA


  • Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Miami, FL
  • Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD
  • Wills Eye Hospital. Philadelphia, PA


  • Hospital for Special Surgery. New York, NY
  • Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN
  • Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA


  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD
  • Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA
  • McLean Hospital. Belmont, MA


  • National Jewish Health, Denver-University of Colorado Hospital. Aurora, CO
  • Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN
  • Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland, OH


  • Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Chicago, IL
  • Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. West Orange, NJ
  • University of Washington Medical Center. Seattle, WA


  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD
  • Hospital for Special Surgery. New York, NY
  • Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland, OH


  • Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, MD
  • Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland, OH
  • Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN


Succesful surgery in a Girl with eight limbs

Lakshmi is the hindu goddess of of wealth, fortune, love and beauty, the lotus flower and fertility. She is represented by an icon of a lady with four arms.

Lakshmi Tatma is a girl who is two years old but she was born with 8 limbs, because she is joined at the pelvis to what is, in fact, a headless, undeveloped twin (parasitic twin or to be more specific, ischiopagus cojoined twin).

This is surely an abnormal feature and it has attracted media attention worldwide.

The 24-hour-long surgery to remove the extra limbs of this Indian girl born with four arms and four legs was a success, doctors announced Wednesday.

A team of more than 30 physicians removed Lakshmi’s extra limbs, salvaged her organs, and rebuilt her pelvis area, Dr. Sharan Patil said from a hospital in the southern Indian city of Bangalore, India.

Damn Racists

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The english organization Marie Stopes International maintains a campaign to alert british citizens on the risks of acquiring venereal diseases or non-wished pregnancies when traveling to Mexico.

“What is more embarrassing, his hat or what he might give you? Make sure don’t come home with any unwanted holiday souvenirs”

This poster is very offensive and annoying. It’s an insult for my Country and it will frighten tourists. MFs, try to think before offend.

A woman survived internal decapitation

On January 25th, a car crash took place in Nebraska and Shannon Malloy (a previously healthy 30 year old woman) was seriously injuried. Her skull became separated from her cervical spine, this is what is called internal decapitation.

“I remember the impact and then I had no control over my head… I wasn’t focused so much on the pain. I just kept thinking, ‘I have to stay alive,'” said Shannon.

5 screws were drilled into Shannon’s neck and 4 more were drilled into her head to keep it stabilized. Then a thing called a halo (rods and a circular metal bar around her head) was attached for added support. It’s not exactly a pain-free procedure.

Shannon Malloy still has a long, costly recovery ahead. A fund has been set up in Malloy’s name at Wells Fargo banks. You can make donations at any location under the “The Benefit of Shannon Malloy.”


Twin-to-Twin transfusion

Byron and Lincoln Ryman were born within a minute of each other, first Byron (3lb 6oz) was precisely three times bigger than his brother.

Eleven weeks premature, both boys were given a little chance of survival – particularly Lincoln, weighing only 1lb 2oz at birth.

But yesterday this twins, now they are five weeks old, are doing well, thanks to the dedicated staff at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney.


This is called twin-to-twin transfusion, where one of the blood flow of one of the babies goes from the smaller to the larger twin.

“Lincoln’s chances of survival, I considered, were less than 30 per cent because he was so small.”

But after their birth, both brothers showed an “exceptional will to live,” said Dr Mishra.

“Lincoln initially had a lot of breathing problems and then he had heart problems, so an operation was carried out when he was still about 600g (1lb 5oz).

“But Byron also needed a little bit of help with his breathing before he began to gain proper weight and now he is doing well.

“We’re now watching both boys carefully, particularly little Lincoln, but we hope that he’ll soon start gaining weight much more quickly and get nearer and nearer his brother,” said Dr. Mishra.


Tequila’s Medical Properties

Its benefits include treatment of ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer and Crohn disease.

The compounds of blue agave (the cactus used for making tequila) showed nice results in studies performed at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico.

Blue Agave

This development could be the first step in better treatments for ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions involving the colon.

The deliver of drugs in to the colon has been a challenge for the doctors dealing with colon and rectal diseases.

Many drugs are destroyed by acids at the stomach. This could be avoided by the compounds of tequila, a type of polysaccharide known as fructans (a fructose polymer). This compound resists the destruction in the stomach and could let that drugs reach the colon without problems.

“This study showed that the agave fruit is not good just for making tequila, but it’s good because of its medicinal value. Agave’s fructan is the ideal natural transporter of drugs”, said Guillermo Toriz.

Crocs banned in Swedish hospital


A Swedish hospital has banned Crocs (plastic clogs) because they build up static charges that zetz the delicate medical instruments:

Blekinge hospital in southern Sweden suspects the slip-on shoes, made by US firm Crocs Inc, are to blame for at least three incidents in which respirators and other machines malfunctioned. The mishaps caused no injuries.Hospital spokesman Bjorn Lofqvist said staff wearing the clogs could turn into “a cloud of lighting” because of the static electricity.


Giant baby who weighed 6.4 kg

A baby who weighed 6.4 kilograms (14.10 lb) and measured more than 55 centimeters (1.8 ft), was born in Cancún.

His parents call him “Super Toño”. Antonio Vasconcelos -the baby- gained 200 grams in the first three days.

The mother of Antonio, Teresa Alejandra Cruz, of 23 years, is probably diabetic, because seven years ago this woman gave birth to a baby that weighed 5,2 kilograms

According to The Guiness World Records Book the baby who weighed more is of 10.2 kilograms, born in Italy in 1955 and was son of Carmelina Fedele.

Here are the photos of Antonio:

Top 10 Fattest Countries

According to the World Health Organization there are currently 1.6 billion overweight adults in the world and that number is projected to grow by 40% over the next 10 years.

  • Naruru (94.5%)
  • Micronesia (91.1%)
  • Cook Islands (90.9%)
  • Tonga (90.8%)
  • Niue (81.7%
  • Samoa (80.4%)
  • Palau (78.4%)
  • Kuwait (74.2%)
  • United States (74.1%)
  • Kiribati (73.6%)

The list reflects the percentage of overweight adults aged 15 and over. These are individuals who have individual body mass indexes, which measures weight relative to height, greater than or equal to 25. Obese is defined as having a BMI greater than or equal to 30.

Why don’t you calculate your Body Mass Index right here?