Damn Racists

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The english organization Marie Stopes International maintains a campaign to alert british citizens on the risks of acquiring venereal diseases or non-wished pregnancies when traveling to Mexico.

“What is more embarrassing, his hat or what he might give you? Make sure don’t come home with any unwanted holiday souvenirs”

This poster is very offensive and annoying. It’s an insult for my Country and it will frighten tourists. MFs, try to think before offend.

16 thoughts on “Damn Racists”

  1. “Its quite clearly not a mexican wearing the hat, its quite clearly a tourist. How about a sensible CONSTRUCTIVE suggestion as to how a valuable organisation like Marie Stopes should promote this important message?”

    I totally agree. This image is warped and completely unncessary. First shady sites like http://bestfakedoctornotes.com. and now advertising like this. Its all about getting a quick fix.

  2. FFS how many mexicans do you think have *ever* worn a hat like that?
    Just how would you like a poster to represent a tourist?? If you pick any symbol of being a tourist you could offend some (eaily offendable) person out there… i don’t know how about having a camera around you neck — could that be a sideswipe at the old Japanese-with-camera stereotype?

    Its quite clearly not a mexican wearing the hat, its quite clearly a tourist. How about a sensible CONSTRUCTIVE suggestion as to how a valuable organisation like Marie Stopes should promote this important message?

  3. Mexican here.

    NOBODY in Mexico wears those hats unless it’s for a laugh.

    And why does that other idiot commenter assume this guy can’t be Mexican? DO YOU REMEMBER COLONIZATION? Mexicans can be of all shades and colors; and yes, I hate your ignorance, if only because I’m sick of hearing comments like that. Get educated, please, then come back and comment.

    I don’t like this poster, it does seem insensitive. It propagates a certain…image…of a country and perpetuates stereotypes. But then again, I don’t expect anyone else but those who are being ridiculed to understand, because that is usually how it is.

  4. Well, I would say this is clearly culturally insensitive, and poor advertising, but calling this racist is a little bit beside the point. Interesting to hear Ricardo’s point of view. Any other Mexicans out there?

  5. Dear friends:

    It´s September, this month is the Independence day in Mexico, and the cities are full of decorations with the colors of the National flag. And guess what you see almost everywhere: hats like the one on the poster. Yes, we Mexicans use thos hats in parties to celebrate the National Independece. They were used by some of the people who fought in the wars, and now are used in festivities, and you can find them in traditional restaurants. In touristic areas, they’re seen often in restaurants where tourists go and Party. I guess this is why the used that hat. I, as a Mexican man, don’t get offended by this poster. I think the message is clear: when in vacation don’t birgn home a dissease.

  6. Funny thing, you just made a simplistic assumption at my character by assuming I included you in my so called “grouping” (and everyone except Ricardo maybe? just guessing here)

    I’m sorry you felt that way, it was not my intention to point any fingers or try to tell off anyone. My “get a grip” statement was open to whoever felt fitted in the “all worked up” scenario.

    I realize now, I might have come a little aggressive to you, and for that I apologize but -I think- that’s mostly because of culture differences. I’m from Mexico and -at least where I live- we tend to be a little too forward sometimes.

    Just to clarify, by saying you (again not pointing at you directly or anyone in particular) have a problem I don’t mean you should go see a shrink because you’re fucked up. I mean it as “maybe you could not take everything so seriously”.

  7. You know, you make some good points that I hadn’t thought of, so thank you.

    But honestly, you could’ve made them and not told me (because I’m sure I’m included in your grouping) to “get a grip” and saying that I “have a problem”.

    Simplistic assumptions at my character and my views on this topic in general (because I’m surely not going to go into it all of them on a comment thingy) take away from your argument -to me-.

  8. There is one thing I agree with you, it’s a poor example of graphic communication because it doesn’t send the right message.

    They even might have planned it to be so politically incorrect so it would cause a stir and “raise awareness” but now, it seems the message has been completely lost. Everybody seems to be hooked on the “racist” aspect now instead of the “have safe sex… please?” message.

  9. Ok, if you think the guy in that poster is Mexican think twice and look again.

    So they stereotype the whole sombrero thing but use a Caucasian model to be the “disease spreader?” I don’t think so. He might not be milky white but look at his facial features, is not the typical Mexican man, and more importantly not the typical stereotyped Mexican guy.

    That guy is a goofy British dude that went on -a cheap- vacation to Mexico and brought a funny hat, along with an STD. Which he might be spreading around back in the home country. Something I really doubt because seriously, who would sleep with that guy? wearing that hat, sporting that stupid look on his face?

    And all of you, so worked up about that image thinking “oh my we’ve been insulted and stereotyped yet again” get a grip. The hat is -to me- not a representation of Mexico but of the stupidity of the wearer. He’s stupid enough to get that hat and oh-my-freaking-god wear it, and he’s obviously stupid enough to have unprotected sex and catch an STD. IN ANY FREAKING COUNTRY! even their own.

    If you interpret this as “if you have sex in Mexico you’ll surely get an STD because they’re so uncivilized!! look at the hats they wear!” and get mad and offended then you are the one with the problem.

  10. Ricardo,
    Yes, anybody can get any STD from anywhere. You can replace “Mexico” with France, Holland, Thailand, even England. Obviously, certain countries have a higher prevalence of STDs and certain ones in particular, but I’m overlooking that, because the RACIST element in this ad isn’t the STD it’s the f*cking hat. I LIVE in Mexico–NOBODY wears those hats. Even at a Mariachi festival, you’d find large charro hats, but that’s a stupid-ass peasant straw hat made for tourists. You think Mexicans walk around with a hat that says MEXICO on it? Think!

    The second insulting element is that because it’s Mexico, which is seen as a third-world-nation but isn’t, you are far more likely to get an STD from a Mexican male than, say, an English one. WHO stats might support that claim (I’m not going to waste time looking it up), but not to the point that it deserves an ad by a respectable agency–not by a long shot.

    Regarding your Black-man-gonorrhea ad analogy, it’s apples and oranges. If the Black man was holding a slice of watermelon in one hand a piece of fried chicken in the other, THEN we could compare.

  11. Well, first of all, I wouldn’t necessarily call that man “attractive” and the other point that seems obvious is the hat. It’s a very kitschy/stereotypical/safe way to portray Mexico. Some folks might well wear those hats, I’m not suggesting that doesn’t happen…

    But I’m just wondering if the person couldn’t have been portrayed in a more “everyday” way. To me, a TRULY handsome guy who looks “normal” is far scarier… you (as a tourist) might never imagine that HE could carry a disease. That would’ve been more effective, I think. We (humans) often forget about disease and illness when we see a pretty face.

    This just smacks of an easy and cheap form of advertising on the part of their graphic dept.

  12. How is this insulting?

    The objetive of the poster (and the guide to sexual health services arround the world -150 countries- it promotes) is to warn women about sexually transmited diseases, that can be transmited by any sexual parter. There is no safe Country whatsoever.

    So Marie Stopes shows a handsome Mexican guy any lady would want to have sex with, and then they warn you, be sure you don´t get any STD.

    It reminds me of another campaing about gonorrhea, with a muscular black man with a stain in his underwear. It said “There´s nothing sexy about gonorrhea”, I never tought it stigmatized black people as carriers of STD´s, but reminded the public that STD´s are caught precisely during sex, with people you have sexual desire with.

    If anithing, Mexicans pose as sexually atractive people in this poster to my opinion.

  13. I totally agree with you. I saw an image of the poster in a national newspaper yesterday. I hope this insulting image wouldn´t be used anymore and organizations as importants as Marie Stopes International used a little their tiny brain before they publish something like this again.
    I wonder what would happen if the offensive poster was the other way around….

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