Tequila’s Medical Properties

Its benefits include treatment of ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer and Crohn disease.

The compounds of blue agave (the cactus used for making tequila) showed nice results in studies performed at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico.

Blue Agave

This development could be the first step in better treatments for ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions involving the colon.

The deliver of drugs in to the colon has been a challenge for the doctors dealing with colon and rectal diseases.

Many drugs are destroyed by acids at the stomach. This could be avoided by the compounds of tequila, a type of polysaccharide known as fructans (a fructose polymer). This compound resists the destruction in the stomach and could let that drugs reach the colon without problems.

“This study showed that the agave fruit is not good just for making tequila, but it’s good because of its medicinal value. Agave’s fructan is the ideal natural transporter of drugs”, said Guillermo Toriz.

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  1. Went on a cruise. Stopped in a port along Mexico to do snorkeling. The ocean was very rough that day – ended up accidently swallowing sea water and became very nauseated. A friend who is an R.N. – suggested a shot of tequila. I’m not a drinker was very hesitant and concerned it may make things worse. But played the ‘good sport’ and took a shot. WOW! Within 20 to 30 minutes I was ALL BETTER! I didn’t feel sea sick at all!!! 🙂

  2. I really didn’t buy into all of this but I’m on day 3 of a horrible stomach ache. My son talked me into going out to dinner. I barely ate. Then read this as decided why not. I was super nauseous and thought I prob wouldn’t even be able to finish the shot, but I did and I feel so much better!! I had a shot of silver 1800 I think it was called. My stomach really does feel better all ready. Glad I read this!

  3. I was diagnosed with mild Ulcerative Colitis 6 months ago.
    In January we went to Mexico.
    I was a bit concerned how the food would affect my colon.
    I had Margarita’s for the first time and loved them.
    My colon was very well behaved.
    Sometime later I read about the benefits of Tequila.
    I continue with a Margarita in the evenings and I’m certain my improvement is due to this.

  4. I’m here to say that all conventional meds don’t do half of what Tequila can do for a stomach virus or food poisoning…it’s been said starve a flu feed a fever,which I believe. I don’t consume alcohol but I do have a collection of tequila from my father In-laws visits to Mexico . So after trying many over the counter remedies and none really working, I told myself why not Tequila just a sip, which was about half a shot glass and five minutes later if that,pain subsided. I have come to my own conclusion that Tequila is great for a stomach virus…I also have come to a thought that maybe the native Mexican gave this for ailments and when handed out the words “Te Quita” was said meaning “Takes Away” leaving me to believe this is the true meaning as it does remove in me personally a non drinker twice as I recall any stomach virus I have had!

  5. I am 58 years old . I never drank tequila till about 2 years ago . for the first time in a long time I finally have been able to get a good night’s sleep . and having said that I feel excellent when I wake up ! the high end stuff is very smooth , but it’s all good . I’m no doctor , but there’s something to that agave. straight tequila …never a hangover. life is good !

  6. i met a mexican in madrid few years back and i remember him saying you never see a mexican with a stomach bug or food poisoning if you think you have eaten something dodgy take a shot of tequila it will soon sort you out and my 3 year old has had a sick bug so im off to get a bottle of tequila and take a shot fingers crossed i wont get it

  7. I used to suffer from ulcerative colitis & went to the doctor while living in Japan. I mentioned how, after a night of tequila, my symptoms would subside & I would feel better for a day or three. He called bs. Little did he know.

  8. I like my alcohol, and I always get very irritable the next day.. Anything gets under my skin. And this happens whether I had 2 glasses of Whiskey or 5 cans of beer. Alcohol always made me feel terrile the next day. I experimented with red and white wine, cognac, etc… Always the same (red wine was a little better). Finally, I decided to try tequla (silver tequila) as a drink (vs shot). So I created my own drink which I decided to call Tequila Twist. Basically silver tequila, with crushed ice, soda water, and a twist of lime (or lime juice). The effect was absolutely incredible. Up to 3-4 drinks, and minimal effect the next day, no irritability, slightly off, but I would say 90% better than what I would feel like after 1 bottle of beer, or 2 glasses of whiskey etc… After researching it, couldn’t find enough, but I made my own logical conclusion which is that my body is sensitive to barely, wheat, yeast, and others, and has no issue with Agava. The only thing with Tequil (at least in my case), I cannot go over a certain number of drinks (max 4), afterwhich it goes downhill and some stomach cramps (anyhow who needs to go over 4 most of the times). Thought I’d share my experience with my tequila conversion.

  9. Found out by accident that tequila cures stomach aches, which I don’t get often. Ate chicken, made me feel nauseous, then drank a margarita and bam! stomach ache gone within minutes! So, almost a year later, ate chinese food and got a stomach ache then remembered the tequila, so I had a shot (friend did too) and within 5 min. both of our stomach aches were gone. Better than Pepto! And no, I don’t sell tequila, but do recommend you get the higher end stuff.

  10. started to call 911 last night…think i had food posoning, finally vomited and still had horrible pain in stomach, abdomen and lower intestine. never am ill, then remembered tequila from margaritas several weeks ago and took a tablepoon full of it and pain subsided and I was able to go to sleep and sleep for 7 hours…I was desperate

  11. I have been a Tequila Affictionado for many years. After first drinking the cheap stuff all theough college, I discovered the 100% Agave brands. I have to admit that the silvers are great for shots, Reposados make EXCELLENT Margaritas, and Anejos are truly enjoyed in a large brandy snifter on the rocks or neat. I’ve told many a friend how much better I feel after a large meal if I follow it with a rocks glass 3 fingers full and on the rocks. Now there’s real proof I haven’t been wrong about this ancient distillate.

  12. Not only is tequila already my favorite, but its good to know it helps too. Many probally already know the benifits of alcohol in general to help bloodflow and an obvious stress reliever, and since I am a distributer (though not bias), I personally recommend Herradura Anejo, very smooth and the leading force in all tequilas to be 100% blue agave, no additives. So mix a margarita and enjoy! Salud!

  13. I believe tequila has many other benefits besides the obvoius. When I take a shot in the winter, I feel warm all over. It is the only alcohol that does not make me tired however, too much and I find the irristable urge to fight. So, be careful. Speaking of the stomach, I have found that a couple shots of tequila kills any stomach virus. No, I have no medical studies and I swear I am not a tequila distributor but I know that this miracle liquor will kill any stomach virus…assuming you can keep it down long enough. With that said, I have recommended Tequila for all bodily problems. Look at it this way, if it does not cure what ails you, it will make you feel much better for the rest of the day.

  14. Wow! I have a problem vodka and beer irritate my stomach. May be I should tequila then! Good idea 🙂

  15. I have to agree…
    My boyfriend has a really irritable stomach. Beer,wine,and vodka all irritate his stomach, which causes him to be in the bathroom all night! Ever since his doctor told him to switch to tequila(such as patron)he rarely gets stomach pains and feels even better after drinking tequila ( in moderation :/ ). I have switched to drinking tequila, I find I fee better after drinking it as well. I only knew tequila for brands such as jose cuervo. Be sure to try drinking the higher end tequila. You will be very surprised ! It has a great taste.

    Try this:

    Tequila Sunrise on the Dessert

    Splash of Pomegranate
    Rim around the glass a mixture of Sugar,Salt,Cinnamon,and Cayenne Pepper

    yummm… the flavors will take you on a journey through the dessert!

  16. lol…..I didn’t know there were very good benefits of Tequila. The plant extracts have many powerful health benefits also. When reffering to the colon it is very important to do a full cleanse once a year. Just as you would change your car’s oil every once in a while, you should clean your insides once in a while too.

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