Twin-to-Twin transfusion

Byron and Lincoln Ryman were born within a minute of each other, first Byron (3lb 6oz) was precisely three times bigger than his brother.

Eleven weeks premature, both boys were given a little chance of survival – particularly Lincoln, weighing only 1lb 2oz at birth.

But yesterday this twins, now they are five weeks old, are doing well, thanks to the dedicated staff at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney.


This is called twin-to-twin transfusion, where one of the blood flow of one of the babies goes from the smaller to the larger twin.

“Lincoln’s chances of survival, I considered, were less than 30 per cent because he was so small.”

But after their birth, both brothers showed an “exceptional will to live,” said Dr Mishra.

“Lincoln initially had a lot of breathing problems and then he had heart problems, so an operation was carried out when he was still about 600g (1lb 5oz).

“But Byron also needed a little bit of help with his breathing before he began to gain proper weight and now he is doing well.

“We’re now watching both boys carefully, particularly little Lincoln, but we hope that he’ll soon start gaining weight much more quickly and get nearer and nearer his brother,” said Dr. Mishra.


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  1. Tiana, I think what people mean by saying ‘God bless’ is wishing the twins and their family strength, fortitude and grace through this. No matter your own philosophical or religious views, I think it’s ill advised to criticize the comfort offered to this family by strangers who learned of their story and were moved by it. All you’re doing is negating the hopes and wishes for the boys’ health. By all meands, send them good vibes and happy thoughts, but debate your beliefs in a more appropriate forum.

  2. Not to be rude, but all of you people saying “God bless” them, must REALLY be clueless. If we leave their survival up to god, nothing will get done. So instead of saying “May the lord be with them” say, “May the finest science and medical technology be with them”. It would make more sense!

  3. hi to all twins
    i m fathers twins in iran
    one of them girl and other son
    they will borne very soon i m waiting

  4. bless there hearts im sure they will be just fine….but jsut keep in mind that God plans everything for a reason good luck taking care of twins …my friends were born eary as twins 13 years ago but now were all best friends 13 and 14 years old but one of the twins has a heart defect and does have 2 have surgy every few years but there both living a great life now there going on vacation ima miss them so much

  5. My twin sister and I were born 6 weeks early. I weighed 3lb 1oz she weighed 2lb 11 oz. Last year we celebrated our 50th birthday. Good luck and lots of love to Byron and Lincoln

  6. God bless these two adorable little boys. Please help them get through this hard time, and let their parents benefit from it. These are so adorable!

  7. the children are God gifts to you so relax is well never think God who gave them to u will take care of them they were the heritage of God. u are blessed my dear is well with the righteous is well with u

  8. hi them boys are going to be just fine, my nondenticial boys was 6 wks premature leo was 5lb60z and leon at just under 3lbs, leo was a giant compared to his brother, leon was so small and spent alot of time in and out of hospital with breathing problems he was so strong i nearly lost him twice he had 2 operations on his upper airways to remove skin from his windpipe, then after that leon was dign with sleep apena i brought him home with a cpap this mask he wore everynight for 6 months he would just scream he hated it but i perserverd and u know what leon started to put weight on and sleeping properly and growing the way he should be but his brother leo still fatter and bigger then him, the only thing his hes well, but has seziures when ever h eis poorly hes awaiting test, leon his the strongest one , i hope reading this will help good luck

  9. god works in some strange ways dont he….these little guys are gonna be just fine… god said have faith the size of a mustard seed…. my son is two now when he was born he was 5 pounds 3.3 onces…. doc told me i would never be able to have kid….. see hes here….. doctors are good…… n dont know everthing god has planned…… keep up the faith….

  10. this is a sad story and i dont even have any kids im only 15 my heart goes out to these little precious angels this story has brought tears to my eyes…god bless yu:(

  11. I have twins that are four months now they are well.My dear what i know is that your boys belong to almighty and the God we serve is a God of miracles, Those are the mighty men of Israel i beleive their lives will be testimonies that will help a lot of people. May the Lord be with you and your family. Read Jeremaih 29v11.

  12. sorry just found your story, im so happy for you i had twins bradley and callum at 26weeks we didnt know they had twin to twin until they had passed away, they said if my boys would have waited one more week when i was due for a scan they might have been able to help them.
    thank you for showing your litter fighters all the best x

  13. he is so small and cute. My mom will love 2 have a baby that small and cute.My mom is very good at putting babies 2 sleep, and feeding them. I have a baby cousin that is turning 7mthon the 28th day this mounth. I’m only 11 years old and i like babys that can walk ,talk,and figth. and that is how much me and my mom love babies. This is 2 lovely.

  14. This picture is incredible. I myself have twins and they too suffered Twin-to-Twin. It is incredible how strong babies with this condition can be. My girls were 13 weeks early and are now happy and healthy 5 month olds. This photo gave me hope and helped me through my pregnancy. Thank you for sharing their story!

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