SurgeXperiences 1.03

Welcome to the third edition of SurgeXperiences, the first carnival of surgery. I’m honored to bring you this surgical carnival.

This will be a practical and concise edition. The objective of blogs (in my point of view) is to answer questions as quickly as possible, so lets start with the HOW-TOs. Enjoy.

Thank you for your time and participation. Make sure you read the next edition of SurgExperiences, created by Jeff Leow

11 thoughts on “SurgeXperiences 1.03”

  1. I’m mad at myself for letting this fissure go for 6 years. I was told that it could not be fixed. Finally, I decided to get another opinion. It was so much easier that I thought and very inexpensive. I was living in much more pain than the surgery gave me. And now I am back to living without any pain. I love my doctor for saving my life. If you have an anal fissure, go get it fixed. You won’t be sorry!!

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