Succesful surgery in a Girl with eight limbs

Lakshmi is the hindu goddess of of wealth, fortune, love and beauty, the lotus flower and fertility. She is represented by an icon of a lady with four arms.

Lakshmi Tatma is a girl who is two years old but she was born with 8 limbs, because she is joined at the pelvis to what is, in fact, a headless, undeveloped twin (parasitic twin or to be more specific, ischiopagus cojoined twin).

This is surely an abnormal feature and it has attracted media attention worldwide.

The 24-hour-long surgery to remove the extra limbs of this Indian girl born with four arms and four legs was a success, doctors announced Wednesday.

A team of more than 30 physicians removed Lakshmi’s extra limbs, salvaged her organs, and rebuilt her pelvis area, Dr. Sharan Patil said from a hospital in the southern Indian city of Bangalore, India.

9 thoughts on “Succesful surgery in a Girl with eight limbs”

  1. Please I would like to have the information of the hospital in India where this operation took place. it is unbelievable.

  2. The most High is the creator who give His people the wisdom to be creative, not undermining Him. The creativity shown by the team of doctors was amazing.

  3. Though I did not view the video, I am grateful that the operation was successfull. Praise be the most High.

  4. it looks like if there twins stuck together in theres missing a head like if a another baby was to develop but i was amaze shes so adorable

  5. I am just grateful that the family did not take her birthday – the festival of the many-armed goddess for whom she is named – as a sign that she should stay that way!!!

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