SurgeXperiences 3.23

It’s an honor and pleasure to bring you this new edition of The Best Surgical Grand Rounds Carnival.


I would like to express my gratitude to Jeffrey Leow of Vagus Surgicalis (Australian medical student with lots of interest and knowledge of surgery) and the creator of this Great Carnival. Australia is in Group D.

Bongi, a lucky SouthAfrican general surgeon who will host the FIFA World Cup in 12 days, shares a story that will push you to learn Afrikaans. South Africa will be head of the Group A and will play with México, Uruguay and France.

rlbates, my favorite (female) plastic surgeon who lives to sew, wrote an excellent review of Scalp avulsion injuries. USA will play against England, Algeria and Slovenia in Group C.

Techknowdoc, a surgeon part of the Indian Medical Industry, shares his point of view about antibiotics use in abscess drainage. Match ball are made of latex bladder of India.

Julia wrote a comparison between nursing informatics and medical informatics, both are related, they are not exactly the same. Julia is an italian name; Italy is head of the Group F and will play against Paraguay, New Zeland and Slovakia.

Medical Transcriptionist, published an article that states the need for nurses and other medical professionals increase with the demand of elderly health care, as in France. France is part of the Group A and will play with México, Uruguay and the host South Africa.

From DrDJ, a surgical case of a giant condyloma acuminatum (also know as Bushke-Löwenstein tumor) and follow-up. Abraham Buschke was a German dermatologist. Germany is head of Group D.

Agravated DocSurg, wrote his 4th test of OR Rorschach. Very Creative. Hermann Rorschach was a swiss psychiatrist. Swiss is in Group H, with Spain, Honduras and Chile.

From Boobcast; writings of a woman’s bad boob job. Finally she got her nipple reconstruction procedure done which includes a video. She is from US, but in Group C is England.

Madoline Hatter presents 50 Great Sites for Menopause Support posted at Nursing School Search Blog. Magdalena is Madoline in Portuguese. Portugal is in Group G, with Brazil.

Dr. Armughan Riaz is a cardiologist from Pakistan; he wrote an article of foods that can lower blood sugar. The Greek term Diabetes, means “one that straddles”. Greece is in Group B.

I have to thank all participants, all publishers and specially all of our readers.

World Cup objectives:

  • Developing the game
  • Touch the world
  • Build a better future