Top 10 Fattest Countries

According to the World Health Organization there are currently 1.6 billion overweight adults in the world and that number is projected to grow by 40% over the next 10 years.

  • Naruru (94.5%)
  • Micronesia (91.1%)
  • Cook Islands (90.9%)
  • Tonga (90.8%)
  • Niue (81.7%
  • Samoa (80.4%)
  • Palau (78.4%)
  • Kuwait (74.2%)
  • United States (74.1%)
  • Kiribati (73.6%)

The list reflects the percentage of overweight adults aged 15 and over. These are individuals who have individual body mass indexes, which measures weight relative to height, greater than or equal to 25. Obese is defined as having a BMI greater than or equal to 30.

Why don’t you calculate your Body Mass Index right here?


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Fattest Countries”

  1. I can see you’re some idiot that really has no clue how the system works for measuring overweight people. The measuring of overweight people is done my measuring someone height and weight and comparing the two. It don’t take into factor someone muscle mass. since muscle weights almost twice what fat does for the same amount of mass. anyone that goes to the gym to workout to increase their muscle size is considered overweight. America is filled with people that love to workout. there is at least 1 gym within every square mile over American. most areas have 2 or 3 gyms for people to workout in. America is the 5Th highest workaholic country in the world. Americans take pride in being strong and working hard

  2. United States is clearly the MOST obese country in the world.. the other obese countries are tiny islands with like 100 people compared to the US with 300 million haha
    AMERICANS ARE FAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a bunch of white roly-polies! hahahahahahahahahahahah

  3. Thank you for posting this list of the fattest countries!

    Americans need to understand that obesity means more than having to shop at stores that provide plus sizes. I recently published a book on cancer prevention with my brother and we posed the question. Why, when we spend 25 percent more on health care than any other country on the planet do we not make the top 40 in life expectancy?

    It is not because we are smoking more (although we know clearly that smoking causes cancer). We smoke less than they do in Japan, Greece, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Ireland, the U.K., France, new Zealand, Germany, italy, Finland, Canada, and Australia, but all of these countries have a longer life expectancy than we do.

    Why? We are more obese. Obesity is responsible for 20 of cancer deaths in women, and 14 percent of cancer deaths in men in the U.S.

    Can we do something about it? Yes! Look at the attack we have made on smoking. We need U.S. citizens to become enraged that our life expectancy is not longer with the amount we spend on health care. We need to cry that it is now predicted that we are expected to live LONGER than our children due to obesity. Perhaps the fast food industry needs to follow the Philip Morris example.

    Lynne Eldridge M.D.
    Author, “Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time”

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