Giant baby who weighed 6.4 kg

A baby who weighed 6.4 kilograms (14.10 lb) and measured more than 55 centimeters (1.8 ft), was born in Cancún.

His parents call him “Super Toño”. Antonio Vasconcelos -the baby- gained 200 grams in the first three days.

The mother of Antonio, Teresa Alejandra Cruz, of 23 years, is probably diabetic, because seven years ago this woman gave birth to a baby that weighed 5,2 kilograms

According to The Guiness World Records Book the baby who weighed more is of 10.2 kilograms, born in Italy in 1955 and was son of Carmelina Fedele.

Here are the photos of Antonio:

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  1. this cases are becoming more common here in Mexico, I remember a boy who weighed 5.500 grs, when i was a intern, maybe is time to pay atention and start to study the cases,

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