Twin-to-Twin transfusion

Byron and Lincoln Ryman were born within a minute of each other, first Byron (3lb 6oz) was precisely three times bigger than his brother.

Eleven weeks premature, both boys were given a little chance of survival – particularly Lincoln, weighing only 1lb 2oz at birth.

But yesterday this twins, now they are five weeks old, are doing well, thanks to the dedicated staff at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney.


This is called twin-to-twin transfusion, where one of the blood flow of one of the babies goes from the smaller to the larger twin.

“Lincoln’s chances of survival, I considered, were less than 30 per cent because he was so small.”

But after their birth, both brothers showed an “exceptional will to live,” said Dr Mishra.

“Lincoln initially had a lot of breathing problems and then he had heart problems, so an operation was carried out when he was still about 600g (1lb 5oz).

“But Byron also needed a little bit of help with his breathing before he began to gain proper weight and now he is doing well.

“We’re now watching both boys carefully, particularly little Lincoln, but we hope that he’ll soon start gaining weight much more quickly and get nearer and nearer his brother,” said Dr. Mishra.


B&W twins – One in a million

Kylie Hodgson gave birth to twin daughters by caesarean section, then she realised a difference between them.

This amazing conception happened after two eggs were fertilised at the same time in the womb.

The odds against of a mixed race couple having twins of dramatically different colour are a million to one.

Skin colour is believed to be determined by up to seven different genes working together. For a mixed-race couple, the odds of either of these scenarios is around 100 to one. But both scenarios can occur at the same time if the woman conceives non-identical twins, another 100 to one chance.

This involves two eggs being fertilised by two sperm at the same time, which also has odds of around 100 to one.

If a sperm containing all-white genes fuses with a similar egg and a sperm coding for purely black skin fuses with a similar egg, two babies of dramatically different colours will be born.

The odds of this happening are 100 x 100 x 100 – a million to one.

Massive postincisional hernia of the abdominal wall

This is the case of a 69 years old diabetic female patient with history of subtotal colectomy for advanced colon cancer a year ago.

She had a surgical complication of the abdominal wall called postincisional hernia and came to surgical consult because of this giant ventral hernia. This is one of the largest hernias I’ve ever seen.

A laparoscopic repair of the defect was made with Prolene mesh (2 sheets of 12″ x 12″) sutured to the fascia and now she is doing very well.

Images courtesy of Mariana Herrera Guerrero, M.D.

Bizarre dermatologic lesions

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A missionary in Eastern Europe recently reported an extremely rare (condylomatosis) skin condition. This disease is called Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia. This missionary wrote:

I found this man, and other than his hands and feet, he looked and seemed in good health. As best as I could gather these growths began when he was 14 years old, and began in the area of his wrists. The skin on his wrists and the back of his hands resembles that of a hedgehog – hundreds of spike like growths. The problem is much more severe on his palms and fingers where the growths resemble very much that of nails infected with a fungus. The growths have that same texture, smell and feel. I cut a number of the largest growths off, most of witch did not bleed. Some of the smaller growths did bleed a small amount and he seemed much more sensitive to the cutting of the smaller growths.

It has grown slowly but steadily but has not spread to other parts of his body, just a bit below his knees on his legs. He has other skin growth (many would be skin tags) on his face, and some moles on his chest. The growths are not as bad on his feet but I was told that more than 10 years ago many we cauterized off his feet, and they did not return. I think with repeated soaking and cutting most could be removed but other parts will I think need to be burned away in some form.”

He has 15 skin tags on his face, and a wart in one ear.

Bizarre pictures:

Another firecracker explotion

Previous proof of firecrackers injuries here.

For those who don’t believe in injuries caused by firecrackers explotion. I just saw a patient in the E.R. of my hospital who came because he was walking near a park and some kids were buying firecrakers in the street. A kid ignited a firecracker and it exploted next to the box that containded the firecrackers. The patient was 10 ft away from the box and the explotion cause this right side injuries.

As you can see, the injuries are projectile-like injuries and he didn’t burn. A witness told me that lots of wood sticks and asphalt stones flew far away.

A Plastic Surgeon and I repaired the injuries and noted an irregular perforation at the right cheek, that penetrated towards the floor of the orbit and produced a coronoid apophysis fracture.

After the reparation:

I strongly recommend never play with firecrackers.

Brain Disease Museum (rare)

The neuropathologist Diana Rivas from Perú runs a Museum of brains and she states that this show is unique in the World.

This museum has an inventory of 2,998 brains and counting. Rivas studies neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders but, unlike prestigious brain banks around the World, she allows entrance to the general public.

There is a brain of the Creutzfeld-Jakob disease.

Her goal is to educate people.

“It’s true. Alcohol and drugs kill brain cells”, she said.

Fact: The greatest brain bank in the World is the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center.

Giant baby who weighed 6.4 kg

A baby who weighed 6.4 kilograms (14.10 lb) and measured more than 55 centimeters (1.8 ft), was born in Cancún.

His parents call him “Super Toño”. Antonio Vasconcelos -the baby- gained 200 grams in the first three days.

The mother of Antonio, Teresa Alejandra Cruz, of 23 years, is probably diabetic, because seven years ago this woman gave birth to a baby that weighed 5,2 kilograms

According to The Guiness World Records Book the baby who weighed more is of 10.2 kilograms, born in Italy in 1955 and was son of Carmelina Fedele.

Here are the photos of Antonio:

Hands transplantation

Hands transplant

A 47 years old woman had both hands amputated 28 years ago. Now she is the first patient in Spain to receive a transplant of both forearms and hands.

This operation was done in La Fe Hospital in Valencia, Spain by the team of hand surgery of the Pedro Cavadas’ Foundation.

This is the 7th similar surgical procedure in the world and the first performed in a woman.

The patient will recover part of her sensibility in a period between five and six months.


Corpus Delicti a nice play

Corpvs Delicti

Corpus Delicti refers to crime’s body, not just to the corpse itself but to the related body of evidence.

I would love to see this play wich is a free play that uses real-life ballistig gel cadaver to explore art & science of anatom as practiced in Holland during the Age of Enlightenment, and immortalized in Rembrandt’s 1632 painting “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp” (one of my favorites paintings).

Tulp's dissection

In Corpus Delicti: Just Desserts, the protagonist is Dr. Nicholas Tulp (Larry Underwood), guides audiences through the taboo territory of the body’s interior, inviting them to witness the dissection of a life-sized cadaver made up of ballistic gel and vegetables as internal organs.

Ballistic cadaver

A “post-mortem” panel discussion with researchers, ethicists, artists and members of the cast will be held after the performance.

The play is produced by Local Infinities Visual Theater. I accept invitations.