Incipient Vitiligo and Wood’s Lamp

Two patients with alopecia areata and tiny hypochromic skin lesions. They both were inspected under Wood’s Lamp examination and confirm the diagnosis of vitiligo.

Normal View

Normal view Wood's Lamp

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13 thoughts on “Incipient Vitiligo and Wood’s Lamp”

  1. One month child has white patches on her thigh.Can i confirm whether it is vitiligo or not by Woods lamp examination?Will it be harmful by exposing her thigh to woods lamp?Will this examination accurately confirms vitiligo presence?Please Help..

  2. How to take the Wood’s light picture in a dark room?
    Thanks a lot.
    Can I copy the pictures for my blog using?

  3. Wood s Lamp is an excellent device not only for the diagnosis for vitiligo but for diagnosis of all complicated medicine. But unfortunately here in Pakistan it is not available. But I found about it at it is not only useful for diagnose of vitiligo but to assess the earlier improvements against an treatment or medicine for vitiligo.
    Because when pigmentation increases the color of reflected light from the affected area also increase.

  4. my son suffered with white spot speared on his mouth.his age is 6.5 mounths.
    This spot was redish in starting but now it turned whitesh. Pleas Help.

  5. The dermatologist diagnosis is poikilodermia, yet the white spots and plaque show pale, dull yellow, under regular black light. It appears to me to be T. Versicolor on the face, scalp, neck and chest. Possibly on the arms and torso.

    Does poikiloderma have white plaque. Some mild to moderate poikiloderma is present on the neck, mixed with what appears to me to be T. versicolor. It does not glow blue and does not appear to be vitiligo.

  6. I always thought the woods lamp was very cool. Except when, in medical school, a pathologist was demonstrating it and shined it on the pants of some of the guys, saying it also illuminates semen.

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