Massive postincisional hernia of the abdominal wall

This is the case of a 69 years old diabetic female patient with history of subtotal colectomy for advanced colon cancer a year ago.

She had a surgical complication of the abdominal wall called postincisional hernia and came to surgical consult because of this giant ventral hernia. This is one of the largest hernias I’ve ever seen.

A laparoscopic repair of the defect was made with Prolene mesh (2 sheets of 12″ x 12″) sutured to the fascia and now she is doing very well.

Images courtesy of Mariana Herrera Guerrero, M.D.

10 thoughts on “Massive postincisional hernia of the abdominal wall”

  1. Okay , you guys have scared the crap outta me now ?? Been fight for this surgery for ten months due to no insurance and the doctor is mad I can get some kind of medicade or something ? Long story short I have a sig colostomy due to a botched surgery , that I will have for ever , i’ve had many surgerys in my life i’m 43 year old female now i have a hernia the size of a watermelon , you guys say it will come back , If i don’t do it they say it will kill me , my friends are throwing a benifit to get me the surgeon ?? Is it worth it ?? Or am I just gonna die anyway , I’m so tired already and been the hardest ten months of my life plz hang there with me i feel your pain ;( The Lovely Disaster whos scared right along with you …….

  2. hi, my father has very large incisional hernia. he has to have a surgery but doctors said that it is very risky. he can be die. i want to learn that anyone suggest me any doctor who is the best about incisional hernia. we can go anywhere in the world.

  3. I have had 3 hernia repairs, and highly recommend getting it done – the longer you leave it, the worse it gets.

    Hernias run in my family. I was born with double inguinal hernias, and developed an abdominal hernia after a difficult childbirth. My brother, my father, my grandfather, and two uncles have all had multiple hernia repairs. It’s not fun, but it’s not the worst problem you could have.

    No disrespect intended: are you folks overweight? I find I have more problems when I’m fatter (like right now, lol). My last hernia surgeon won’t operate on overweight people because, he says, of the possibility of “worse outcomes” for these patients – my weight wasn’t too bad, but he insisted I lose 15 pounds before going under the knife. Note the obesity of the patient in this case. If she were skinny, would this have happened to her?

  4. Kistin,
    I have been in constant pain for four years and have four large hernia areas. Colon resection. I laughed out loud in such a way that my wife ran to see what I was doing. Your anwser brought my first laughter in four years. I wouldn’t call them nazis, but perhaps it should warn others to have alot of fore thought to any surgery! Thank you.

  5. i am mortified. truly mortified. want to see pictures of my 6 abdominal surgeries? and each recurring hernia?

    darlene i have two words. law suit.

  6. ok, yall are insane. mine is significantly larger than that and was the RESULT of surgery gone amuck and any human being who would ever attempt such a thing has completely lost their mind….

    i will continue to look 9 months pregnant, live in constant pain and have my spine completely destroyed due to the fact that i know longer have a core and yes, will probably DIE of a mega toxic colon since i no longer have muscles to void myself properly befor i would ever allow any of these lunatic nazi mad scientists to attempt to repair what the already screwed up once.

    healthcare reform?? ya think????

  7. My name is Darlene, I’ve had the following
    surgeries Appendectomy, hiatus hernia, hemhoidectomy, hysterectomy, vaginal prolapse
    rectocele, cystocele, entrocele, hemhoidectomy 2, colon resection, hemhoidectomy 3,large ventral incisional hernia, bladder suspension,
    rectocele, all before 1995. 2005 thru 2007 I’ve had a vaginal prolapse, rectocele, colon resection, bowel obstruction,
    large ventral incisional hernia, 2 large ovarian cyst, colostomy and now I’m having pain on my stoma,
    severe bloating in my abdomen. Same incision was opened 1994, 1995, 05/2006, 08/2006 and Feb 12, 2007 Is there
    a possibility that I may have another ventral hernia? and what can I do about this?



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