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Dental implants are designed for teeth that are lost or damaged beyond repair. Modern dental implants can provide a permanent replacement that maintain the look, feel, and function of natural teeth.

Do you know what dental implants are, what are their benefits, who is a candidate, how much a dental implant cost and what kind of procedures are performed? I didn’t knew anything about this until I read the OsseoNews website.

Did you know that dental implants inserted in a proper manner could succeed in natural bone as 95%?

If you are a patient, you could find info regarding dental implants on the site.

I have a lot of dentists visiting my site and for those who want to share their knowledge in dental implants or want others opinion, you can upload your cases just subscribing to the site.

OsseoNews is a great discussion community for dental professionals. You could share or find information of particular dental implant topics like:

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  1. For folks who are paying for implants out of pocket, implants are not cheap. Looks like they run about $500 if you look at Prices for crowns for Atlanta dentists, and, as I understand it, this is just the price of placing the crown. The implants themselves can cost several times this.

  2. Implants really have many advantages: they have no root canal, they don’t get inflamed, they are usually made of titanium which can’t be broken. There is no caries and offensive breath…

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