Bizarre dermatologic lesions

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A missionary in Eastern Europe recently reported an extremely rare (condylomatosis) skin condition. This disease is called Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia. This missionary wrote:

I found this man, and other than his hands and feet, he looked and seemed in good health. As best as I could gather these growths began when he was 14 years old, and began in the area of his wrists. The skin on his wrists and the back of his hands resembles that of a hedgehog – hundreds of spike like growths. The problem is much more severe on his palms and fingers where the growths resemble very much that of nails infected with a fungus. The growths have that same texture, smell and feel. I cut a number of the largest growths off, most of witch did not bleed. Some of the smaller growths did bleed a small amount and he seemed much more sensitive to the cutting of the smaller growths.

It has grown slowly but steadily but has not spread to other parts of his body, just a bit below his knees on his legs. He has other skin growth (many would be skin tags) on his face, and some moles on his chest. The growths are not as bad on his feet but I was told that more than 10 years ago many we cauterized off his feet, and they did not return. I think with repeated soaking and cutting most could be removed but other parts will I think need to be burned away in some form.”

He has 15 skin tags on his face, and a wart in one ear.

Bizarre pictures:

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  1. Poor guy, how frustrating would it be to not be able to use your hands because of that. I hope it’s not very painful.

  2. Wow. I assume DPM is some sort of dermatological degree, but the case in question doesn’t look anything like the photos of Unna Thost disease. I can’t say for sure if it’s Lewandowsky-Lutz, but that disease is caused by HPV, and a parallel, better-documented disease is caused in rabbits by SPV, and the photos look strikingly similar to this case. See my page here:

  3. Jon, see my post on my blog about this skin condition:

    PICOMM/Editors Addendum:

    This post has been circulating the internet as a case of Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia. However, there are no reported pictures of this condition to associate the appearance of this condition. It looks more like a PPK or hyperkeratosis, which is an autosomal-dominant disease. These are not macules or papules, so I’m not really sure this would be considered Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia, which is viral. Many times, these conditions have fungal and viral infections superimposed over a genetic hyperkeratosis. It may be more in line with Unna Thost disease. The jury is still out on this rapidly circulating post on the internet. . .

  4. Jeff:

    When I see a patient I like to record the case and post it here. And lot of users send me emails when they find something amazing/bizarre/outstanding medical news.

    Thank you for your kind comment and for your visit.

  5. that is one disgusting picture! where do you find all these interesting yet bizzarre stuff? the other time, u had the arm reattachment (groin) one…!!

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