Another firecracker explotion

Previous proof of firecrackers injuries here.

For those who don’t believe in injuries caused by firecrackers explotion. I just saw a patient in the E.R. of my hospital who came because he was walking near a park and some kids were buying firecrakers in the street. A kid ignited a firecracker and it exploted next to the box that containded the firecrackers. The patient was 10 ft away from the box and the explotion cause this right side injuries.

As you can see, the injuries are projectile-like injuries and he didn’t burn. A witness told me that lots of wood sticks and asphalt stones flew far away.

A Plastic Surgeon and I repaired the injuries and noted an irregular perforation at the right cheek, that penetrated towards the floor of the orbit and produced a coronoid apophysis fracture.

After the reparation:

I strongly recommend never play with firecrackers.

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  1. The year 1974…Lit an inch and a half FIRECRACKER…was holding it ~getting ready to throw it! IT DIDN’T LOOK LIKE THE FUSE WAS BURNING (on the outside..on the inside well-)….SO I BLEW ON THE FUSE….It went off inches from my face-right ear. “KABBOOOOM”…..I was TEMP. BLIND-DEAF.. ( SHELL SHOCKED-felt like I was DRUNK-Concussion! ) 2010 I’m 54 now…and have a 30% hearing loss in my right ear!! It rings all the time. Later I started making pipe bombs…and blew our families apple tree in half!! I got to GO I hear the Phone ringing again!!

  2. seriously, it depends on the kind of explosives you’re using. 2 black cats went off in my hand today. it hurt like hell, but i dont have much damage except to my left thumb, now ive seen what can happen with homemade pipe bomb. poor brother died in the hospital. went off about 10 feet away from him. sorta bloody, but nothing like seriously gory. ambulance came after about 20 minutes. pulled the brother into the truck and took off. died from blood loss later on. keep in mind this was something some asshole had built at home from what the crime report said to be “common household supplies.” one made with a good amount of gunpowder, glass or metal shrapnel, and a detonator wouldve gotten about 10 more people walking down the street. don’t play with explosives that you dont already know the size and magnitude of the explosion. after that be careful. and DONT light one when its windy, it doesnt put out the fuse, but actually speeds up the burn. thats why a standard 3 second fuse went off in my hand in under a second.

  3. Maybe if he wasn’t such a fattie he could have moved fast enough to avoid most of the damage. Another line on the long long list of Pickwickian symptoms and the great great cost of being unhealthy.

  4. this is a scare tactic. I lit one off a foot away from my face and nothing happened except I lost hearing in my left ear for a minute and my face had paper shrapnel wounds. Which means that nothing happened to my face. If what this guy did was with firecrackers he would have had to have done it with gunpowder and a bunch of marbles around the room

  5. I had firecrackers in my hand and they all came off(it was a big pack) and I was left with only the fuses. And my friend told me that if you lit it it would spark and look realy cool. So I lit it and the second my lighter touched it the thing lit and sparked it looked cool but it didnt feel cool. I droped it and started holding my hand, the pain was horrible and that just ruined my whole night. so Im very lucky Im not the guy in those picturs it could have been much worse. DONT EVER PLAY WITH FIRECRACKERS!

  6. i had a bunch of firecrackers go off in the pocket of my shorts one time, thankfully, however, i got my pants off before they could burn a hole in them, it was pretty sucky

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