MDVIP – Beyond Concierge Medical Care

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All of us perfectly know that preventive medicine is the cornerstone of medicine. MDVIP provides exceptional doctors, exceptional care and, exceptional outcomes.

MDVIP is a leader company in personalized and preventive healthcare and was established to assist physicians and institutions in providing the highest level of care to patients.

In the practice of preventive medicine the outcomes include lower hospitalization rates (MDVIP currently serves more than 45,000 patients)

With this program, patients benefit from reciprocity with all MDVIP affiliated physicians in the network. If a patient is traveling and needs urgent medical care, and they are in the vicinity of an MDVIP affiliated physician, they will be seen and cared for with the same attention and service as if they were with their own doctor in their home town.

MDVIP’s prevention and personalized care model makes it possible for exceptional physicians to provide exceptional care because it gives them the time to focus on the patient, not on the system. The MDVIP model enables physicians to love practicing medicine again, in an environment in which they are trusted, respected and valued. MDVIP puts physicians back in control of their lives, professionally and personally. MDVIP liberates physicians from the current financial constraints of the healthcare system because the majority of an affiliated physician’s income is derived from the annual membership fees.

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2 thoughts on “MDVIP – Beyond Concierge Medical Care”

  1. In response to Sevoflurane I must say that the true greedy third party is the insurance company. The current payment plan to phycicians from HMO’s, PPO’s, etc forces physicians to limit time with patients, limits their choices of medications, and actually discourages adequate communication between the patient and the physician. Physician charges are reimbursed at best by 50% and office overhead increases because of more staff needed to deal with “authorizations”, approvals for tests, and other obstructions to care. And for what purpose? To increase profits for the insurance companies who I can assure you have NO interest in your well being, their only interest is the monthly check you write them. It is not going to get better only worse. So why not pay someone who really does care about you, your primary care physician. Because if you don’t he/she will become extinct as no med student in their right mind would enter primary care these days. They know that insurance companies are making primary care feel like assembly line workers in the health care environment while insurance carriers are laughing all the way to the bank. Neither politicians or executives understand their health care expenses are being wasted by ignoring the simple saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So redistribution of the health care dollar is needed and that is why companies like VIPMD are starting to flourish.

  2. I was recently abandoned by my physician of 15 years because the group he is with decided to switch over to this form of elitist healthcare. In this case, the greedy third party outsider that brought this all about is MDVIP. If I wanted to continue on with my physician, I would have to sign a contract and pay MDVIP $1,500.00 per year simply to have access to my doctor. My primary insurance company would still be forced to pay for all office visits, lab tests and any in-house procedures. In retrospect, I never needed a third party outsider to get quality care from my physician and I’m not about to line the pockets of some greed driven outsider who has absolutely no interest in my well being. This concept is very unethical and patients are the real losers under this particular business model. Medicare and all insurance companies should refuse reimbursing physicians who adopt this approach to patient care.

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