Why this Spam?

Constantly i’m receiving comments to buy some drugs via online, is there a way to stop this? Is there a regulation? I’m getting every week a post with this words on it:

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Is there any kind of law to stop illegal promotion of this kinds of medications? I’m sick of it.

Jon Mikel Iñarritu, M.D.

5 thoughts on “Why this Spam?”

  1. These are good suggestions above that will cut down quite a bit on the “automated” spam where they will “crawl” sites based on a search and automatically just post to every form they find. The trick is that they know all of the fields to automaticall post to because they are all named the same on blogs that are based off the same source.

    Change some of your text on the page that is common for all blog sites with the same code source as yours, and you will greatly cut down on the number of searches for blogs in general instead of your topic.

  2. The best thing is when you get a spam email where the message subject is “Screw doctors” (ie don’t bother going to see a Dr for a prescription, just buy your meds online). At least with spam you know it’s nothing personal!

  3. Don’t post your email for starters… use an image instead, or a contact form (although that’s not 100% spam free either)

    And what Allison said about comment moderation

  4. Both of my blogs are in WP, btw…

    I get the same comments frequently, and while I haven’t made them disappear, there are a few quick fixes to at least make them diminish over time.

    1) Turn on comment moderation. The first time a new commenter posts to your blog, the comment will not appear until you approve it.

    2) Set your comments settings to hold any comments containing more than 2 or 3 links in moderation.

    You can also blacklist certain words, but since you have a medical blog — and most of the spam I see is related to pharma drugs — probably not a good solution.

    Good luck!

  5. Jon:

    I had the same problem with my blog. I had the option of enabling a “password” before comments could be left on my blog. Those wishing to leave comments on my blog must enter in the letters they see in a box(randomly generated) before their comments will post. Ticketmaster uses a similar system if you are familiar with them. No spam since then.

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