Horrible: Child abuse

Another case of Child abuse was shown today on TV news.

It seems that we can’t stop this and some parents preffer to remain in silence rather than to speak out loud about this impunity.

I think it is time to recognize this cases and report them to the authorities. So today’s matter is to know the facts about child abuse & neglect.

Also know as child maltreatment it is a group of comission, omission and lack of actions, that result in morbidiy and/or mortality.

It is every agression or omission of intentional nature, indoor or outdoor, against child(s), before or after the birth that affects their bio-psycho-social integrity. This actions can be from an individual, a group of people (society), an institution taking advantage of their physical and/or intelectual superiority.

There is a triad of child abuse:

  1. Child: Often a non-accepted (desired) kid, malformation, chronic or acute diseases.
  2. Agressor: Often a parent or caretaker, alcoholic or drug abuse problem, background of abuse.
  3. Triggers: Unemployment, marital disfunction, social and economic problems.

It’s importance: 2,900,000 cases / year on U.S.A of wich 33% is physical abuse. Second leading cause of death in child less than 5 years old.

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You should always suspect child abuse when:

Clinical aspects on child: Non-correlated history given by parents, small height, poor hygiene, previous lesions, malnutrition, non-desired/non-accepted child, incomplete vaccination schedule.

Clinical aspects on child’s family: Delayed medical attention, abuse background, step-mother/father, alcoholism, ask for medical attencion by someone else outside the central group of family.

It is required a multidisciplinary team: Primary care Physician, Pediatrician, Social work, Mental Health, Lawyer, Voluntaries.

The action of preventive mesures should include all levels of society: International organizations, Federal instances, Local community (church, school, friends, pediatrician, etc), Child’s family and Child.

Who where ever you are do: Let’s stop this.


Jon Mikel Iñarritu, M.D.

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6 thoughts on “Horrible: Child abuse”

  1. I cant stand to see children being abuse in these horrifing ways. I wish I could do something to stop it but I’m a child myself and I don’t think I could help but 1 thing I wanna do is kill every abuser in this world. In that way children wouldn’t be abused again. I think it’s just selfish n stupid 4 people 2 be doing such things. I become so sad when I see such things happening to children an I really hope it change. Inconnent children’s lifes people are playing with. People please join in with me an held stop child abuse.Thankz 4 reading hope you.. Peace out!!

  2. im 18 years old i think that child should be stoped it aint right the kids have to live with their parents beating on them, what did they ever do. theri innocent little childern that dont understand what they did to desver to get abuse it aint right.. i whish that the government would actually do something about it when it happens a child shouldnt have to go through such a thing like that. i just wish that someone or the government would actually take in concideration that this abusing kids needs to be STOPED!!

  3. if you have kids your not supposed to kill them or hurt them you are supposed to love them if you just have to hurt somthing hurt a baby doll but not you kids that just not even right you know better then that kids dont do anything to die or beat you are supposed to love them

    -niki 13

  4. i think what people r doin 2 der kids is wrong and sick because kids feel to and they have no rite to take out their problems on their child and having a mental illness is no excuse.

  5. It’s so sad how people today are being horrible. They hurt their own families – physically, mentally, and emotionally – and what’s worse is most of them get away with it. If you know anyone who is getting abused report it immediately.

  6. im only 15 years old and and the stuff i see today is horrific and i can stand it anymore.. you read some story and hear about it on the news and you watch the news the next day and they say the child is going back to the person that abused them.. people these days dont make sense to me if a child has bruise and burn and cuts and it looks like the child is being beat then we need to do something about it.. one thing you dont need to do is give it back to the people that did it to them… we weren’t put on this earth to harm each other but to harm an innocent child that cant defend them self.. your a real man or women if you do that to a child aren’t you.. i love kids and would never even think or even harming one or leaving it alone were it could be dangerous. think about what your doing to the world when they see what going on.. well thats what i have to say and i hope one day we can stop this and let kids live without being afriad to do something
    much love

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