New advertising system

This is a paid review:

Via Text Link Ads, I have found a new way of advertising, it is called ReviewMe. This great idea, it’s a blog advertising system that will allow advertisers to contact me in order to review their products, web sites or services.

Andy Hagans and Aaron Wall are the creators of this social network, conceived by Aaron in the first place (right here)

I hope a lot of advertisers want me to review their stuff. This is a way to give them feedback and not just to publicize their producs.

If you want to join, you should know that you don’t need a certain kind of plataform (WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, etc), you just need to post the reviews that ReviewMe’s crew will ask you to write.

In few words, as Andy said:

What does ReviewMe do?

(Minus the buzzwords) Advertisers, you pay to get your stuff reviewed by bloggers. Bloggers, you get paid to review their stuff.

Congratulations to Andy and Aaron.

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