New surgical retractor – patented

A new surgical retractor that is useful in three different kinds of surgeries, will be used in 171 countries and it was developed by Angel Raul Soriano Sanchez (Mexican Ob/Gyn from the National Institute for Social Security – IMSS), was international patented.

This new surgical retractor for abdominal or vaginal surgery and can be used in gynecologic, obstetric and vaginal surgeries.

“This surgical retractor replaces the others, because its use reduces a half of time in a procedure; reduces the bleeding and hospital stay”, said its inventor.

This retractor allows better visibility and a greater space to work.

I’ll try to obtain a picture of this instrument.

5 thoughts on “New surgical retractor – patented”

  1. I want to send you some pictures about the retractor that I had developed.

    I would appreciate you if you write me an address for sending you some pictures

    Thank you for your interest in the retractor, I congratulate you for your interest in this medical advance

    MD Angel Raul Soriano S.

  2. Soy el DR. Angel Raul Soriano de la ciudad de Mexico, estoy interesado en ponerme en contacto con Michael Duff para charlar acerca de la manufactura del separador que he desarrollado muchas gracias

  3. We are an Australian manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel table mounted retraction systems.
    We have a worlwide distribution network.
    Is there some way we can work together or assist you with your new product.
    Michael Duff
    Gray Surgical

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