Mobile Data Visualization

At Quinn Lab, San Diego Supercomputer Center, doctor Quinn, has an outstanding project called Patient Notes with mobile devices.

The famous and enthusiastic project of Dr. Quinn and Dr. Wright, consists in the transmission of medical data to mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones to enable medical workers in the field to instantaneously gain access to, view and prognosticate on complex medical visualizations.

With this software, medical notes and patient tests can be downloaded onto a cell phone or PDA in just minutes.

All the data on a phone is stored in the memory expansion slot. In these medical phones, however, Instead of music and digital pictures, it could hold a virtual scan of the body and much more.


Dr. Quinn's Patient Notes
The 3-D mobile medical data program should be available within a year.

This is a good start to revolutionize the way of getting access to medical information about our patients.
Its uses are endless: ambulance, emergency departments, office, etc.

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