Six Symptoms You Don’t Want To Ignore

Yesterday at they made a list of six of the most evident symptoms of some serious illness, via WebMD:

From WebMD:

1. If you have unexplained weight loss and/or loss of appetite, you may have a serious underlying medical illness.

2. Slurred speech, paralysis, weakness, tingling, burning pains, numbness, and confusion are signs of a stroke, and you should get to an appropriate emergency center immediately. Early treatment may prevent permanent damage to the brain or even save your life.

3. Black, tarry stools may indicate a hemorrhage from an ulcer of the stomach or the intestine. It is important to stop the bleeding and to rule out cancer as a cause.

4. A headache accompanied by a stiff neck and fever is an indicator of a serious infection called meningitis.

5. A sudden, agonizing headache, more severe than any you have felt before, could mean you are bleeding in the brain. Go to an emergency room immediately.

6. For women: Vaginal bleeding after menopause is a waning sign of possible cancer.

6. For men: A lump in your testicle with or without a small lump in the groin could be serious. Testicular cancer is more commonly found in testicles that did not naturally descend from the abdomen to the scrotum.


4 thoughts on “Six Symptoms You Don’t Want To Ignore”

  1. “1. If you have unexplained weight loss and/or loss of appetite, you may have a serious underlying medical illness.”
    After taking some pills for getting better my hemoglobulin, after 5 days I start feeling problems with stomach. And for this cause I lost appetite and coudn’t anything for about week. Now I force myself to get at least some chicken soup, but it doesn’t really works – I feel even worse after this. Doctor told me just to wait and don’t stress too much. I think I should do smth before I dissapear…

  2. Denise:

    My advice for you is that you have to visit your surgeon (the one who performed the gastrectomy) and tell him/her about it. If he/she can’t do anything about your condition, then ask a Pain Management specialist (anesthesiologist specialized in pain medicine or algology).

    Best of all in this Holidays,


  3. I am writing with a question regarding the left side pain that I am experiencing under my rig cage (where the spleen is located) which radiates around to my back (the kidney area). My past medical history is quite extensive. I have a total of 7 surgeries since 1991 due to ulcer disease. Because of having a total gastrectomy and vagatomy, I am now experiencing this left-sided pain and am in pain 24/7. I have developed anemia during this timeframe for which I am receiving iron infusions every week for six weeks. (I have two left in this series.) The area for which I have the extreme pain (I believe it is my spleen)seems “full” at all times. It doesn’t change when I do not eat, however, it becomes extreme after I do eat. I try to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours intervals since I am only able to consume approximately 1/4 cup of food at a time. I am currently seeing a hematologist who has ordered the iron infusions. This clinic at the University of Minnesota works with a specific team — a Hematologist, Oncologist, Nurse Oncologist, etc. The pain doesn’t seem to subside no matter what I try. (FYI: I am 5′3 and 86 lbs.) Since I am experiencing this pain, I usually (9 times out of 10) experience vomiting after eating. I would appreciate any insight you believe would assist me to get through the next month until I see my hematologist again. I am scheduled to see her on 01/30/07.

  4. Some others:
    7. Chest pain
    8. Hematemesis (wich means to vomit blood)
    9. Syncope
    10. Acute abdominal pain
    11. Fever

    And remember, do not take any medications by your own. Always ask your doctor first.


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