Surgical treatment for ingrowing toenail

The patient is a young man with onychocryptosis secondary to overweight. At the images below a matricectomy with remotion of soft tissue are shown. This procedure is performed bedside in few minutes and only need local anesthesia. The goal is to release the nail from the surrounding tissue.

Gerardo Morales, M.D.

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  1. I had problems for years on both big toes, doctor removed entire nail but it grew back worse so had partial nail avulsion with removal of edges of nail beds but ths time it grew back worse still. waiting for date of surgery now, have asked doctor to remove completely nail and bed, so sick of constant pain. Been offered a general anaesthetic but opted for local. will let you know.

  2. im 17 im goin into hospital in 6days to have my toe nail off, should i expect to be on crutches? reply asap please really nerves x

  3. Im 15 and im about to hike the AT trail, 41 miles, but I have 2 ingrown toenails, one on each toe. It hurts when I walk, but I can stand it. I was wondering if I really feel anything during the surgery except the needle,(which i can stand) but feeling my toe cut I can’t. Please reply with suggestions. Thanks

  4. I had an ingrown toenail on both of my big toes, they hurt alot and i was very scared at the time about the minor surgery. Mainly be cause im only 15. Theres nothing to be scared about. the needle was the worse part, the surgery only took about 30 sec on me and afterwords i felt great. my nails grew back A-Ok and im very pleased with my docter.

  5. I had a nail resection performed on each side of both of my big toes about 7 years ago. The surgery was quick, and the only troubling part was the needles needed to numb everything! The only problem I have now is caused by my not letting my nails grow back long enough. I have abad habit of keeping them trimmed really short. I’ve been doing some reading and hae found out that it is better to let them stay longer and cut them straight across. Looking at the pictures, I don’t know why I never figured that out before. Keeping the corners of my nails farther out than the edge of the skin would keep anything from causing pain. I am still feeling pain around the edges because of keeping my nails too short, it almost feels like I still have ingrown toe nails! I am hoping that they will grow out quickly and the pain will be completely gone.

  6. heya my name is siobhan and im 14 i have an in growing toenail and ive hd it for 5 and a half years and its really pain full sometime i cant even put my sock on and when i bang it its really hurts me.have u got any diffrent treatmens exept the opporation cz im scared of needles and everything like even scared to see a needle getting into someone on television.i really need a diffrent treatment cause i wont face the opporation i now i wont iven if they will beg me to ill never will cause im terryfied of needles so please help me.

  7. I have had an ingrown toenail for the last six weeks or so and have been putting off seeing a doctor because this condition has sometimes fixed itself, but this time there was no chance. So yesterday I had to see the doctor about a bite on my foot and couldn’t hide the toe, so he decided to do a wedge resection. With lollipop in mouth (I must have sugar when having needles! If not I feel faint & nauseous), my doctor gave me three needles (one vial) of general anaesthetic- only one did I feel. It stung but not as bad as knocking an ingrown nail on something. He then left me with a rubber band tourniquet for about ten minutes and when he came back he cut out the side of the nail and a small part of the nail bed, and gave me one stitch. I didn’t feel a thing! The shard he removed was the size of a fingernail, the nailbed was only sesame seed size. Felt like such an idiot for putting it off for so long!!! After a few hours it throbbed a bit, nothing that two paracetamols couldn’t fix. My nail is a little bit smaller, maybe a millimetre, but the relief is well worth it. Off to have my dressing changed now 🙂

  8. i have just had the surgery and the most painfull bit is the needled ^^
    basically what they do is give u an anesitic and then they cut down each side of your toe and remove the nail which is digging into your toe. the procedure takes about 20-25 mins max. it does not hurt at all man ur whole toe is numb

  9. hey. i am 15 and for the past 4 years i have been suffering with ingrown toenails. it’s so painful, sometimes i can hardly walk and i have to stop P.E.
    …Last year i had both of my big toenails removed in the hope that they may grow back normal, but unfortunately, they grew back WORSE than before.
    For the past 8 months i have been visiting a chirpodist who has been ‘packing out’ my nails with cotton wool, a very painful process. About a month ago, my nails were looking promising but now they are going bad again, and im looking for other options.
    …I heard about the wedge thing, it sounds good. But i want to know how long it takes 2 recover after the operation, and also how noticable it is that you’re missing part of your nail?

    please help


  10. To Hayley Martin,

    I suffered for years with two ingrown big toenails. At age 18 I had a procedure called a wedge resection performed under local anaesthetic by a podiatrist.

    The ingrown sides of both big toenails are removed and an acid swab is placed onto the toenail root to prevent regrowth. Afterward, the nail looks exactly the same and the procedure is quick and painless. Don’t be scared, Absolute indescribable bliss will be your reward.

    I was amazed at the size of the ingrowing sides when the podiatrist gave them to me in a vial as a souvenir. One of the nails was so big, hard and sharp I was able to use it as a blade to cut a sheet of A4 copy paper in half. You can probably imagine how happy I was after having four of these nail/blades removed.

  11. i am only 13 and i have a ingrowing toe nail and i am really scared about getting it cut out i mean it im soo scared i dont want to ive had anti biotix and they made the swelling go down but i kept forgetting to take them so im no good and when i wack my toe Argghhh it hurts im just to scared to get it removed can any body help me and tell me waht i can get from the docter insted of having it removed

  12. OK, not sure what is going on here? lol. This one is not taught in the history books. Not sure what he is attempting to accomplish by removing a large wedge of skin? Does the nail then just avulse? Because it doesn’t look like any part of the nail was removed. I will be publishing some historical procedures for matrixectomy in the next few weeks on our site.

    Al Kline DPM

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