8 thoughts on “The appeareance of Crohn’s disease”

  1. Hi, I am a medical student, I found this on a search. This is Ulcerative Colitis, similar but not quite the same as crohn’s disease. A different portion of the intestine is involved, and the appearance is a little different. The colonoscopy is also labeled as ulcerative colitis. Still good images, but wrong condition.

  2. Was diagnosed when I was 17, am now 27. It interrupts my life at times when the flare up is severe but most of the time i lead a fairly regular life. Dont stress, diet management and medication helps alot!

  3. i just found out a month ago that I have crohn’s. It seems that hearing more and more about it….

  4. im 19 and i just found out today that i have crohns im really scared but at the sametime so many people say its nothing……ugh

  5. I turned 18 in January and was diagnosed with crohn’s disease is March. My life is completely miserable.

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