Next week’s Grand Rounds – Call for Submissions

I have the great honor of hosting Grand Rounds next week, on Tuesday (as always) 10/10. I would like to thank Dr. Nick Genes for his creation.

Current edition is being hosted by Dr. Aleksandr Kavokin at RDoctor.


I don’t know what theme I’ll use, but feel free to send your submissions with this form. Deadline is on Monday the 9th 17:00hrs (GMT -06:00).


  • You can use for the regular e-mail: j o n m i k e l (AT) g m a i l . c o m.
  • Include a summary of your post.

4 thoughts on “Next week’s Grand Rounds – Call for Submissions”

  1. As a fertility specialist and perfectionist I have a zero tolerance policy for lab errors and mix ups from the big commercial labs. Unfortunately the number of errors we have caught remains totally unacceptable from big commercial labs. Since we double check all questionable results and require them to retest and track all results individually we catch errors like this. FOr this reason most fertility sepcialists will not allow the hormonal tests to be sent out but run them in house. Remember that a 1% error rate if you do 10,000 assays a day is enormous!

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