Traumatic thoracic aortic rupture

A previously healthy 17 yo woman came in to the ER because she has suffer an automovilistic accident. On the initial evaluation she was with pulse ‘parvus et tardus’ with altered mental status. A chest x-ray was ordered and found an aortic rupture.
Initial Chest X-Ray

Because the bleeding was contained and she has just a little hemodynamic instability, the choice was endovascular treatment of traumatic thoracic aortic rupture.
A CT Scan was ordered preoperatory:

CT Scan - Aortic Rupture

CT Scan - Aortic rupture

Angio TC

Endovascular Procedure

Flouroscopy - Stent

After Procedure


Postoperatory Chest X-ray

The outcome was excellent and the patient is in good shape rightnow with a normal lifestyle.


Jon Mikel Iñarritu, M.D.

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  1. Good pics.a little explanatory footnotes with X-rays
    and CT will add more value specially to Med students.

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